CANSar’s Radon Tee Visits Massachusetts

The Reduce Radon Tee’s Massachusetts Trek
After the Radon Tee’s introduction to New England at the NE AARST annual conference, the  Tee, guided by Massachusetts team captain David Naggar, was welcomed by a U.S Senator, radon professionals, ordinary citizens, local celebrities and landmarks, a few truly haunting characters and a hospital ship. Here are a few highlights of the Tee’s visit to Massachusetts:

Senator Scott Brown
Alan Zucchino and Dave Hill took the Tee to Washington to meet with Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown. Although the Senator was in a committee meeting, he stepped out into the hall long enough to speak with Alan and Dave and to pose with the Tee.

Haverhill Police vs NE Patriots
At a flag football game between the Haverhill, Mass., current and former New England Patriots players, the Radon Tee scored a goal for radon awareness. All the Patriots team members present, including former quarterback Steve Grogan, former Patriots Steve Deossie and Dave Bavaro, and current Patriots Brian Hoyer and Matthew Slater, posed with the Tee.

Boston Blazers and Cheers
David Naggar and Dave Hill took the Tee to a cancer charity event where Boston Blazers
indoor lacrosse player Paul Dawson cut his hair to raise money and then held the Tee to
raise radon awareness. Dawson, the team’s Spark’s dancers, other team members, and Scorch, the team’s mascot were photographed with the Tee. Then the Tee and friends ended the day with a beer at Cheers, “where everyone knows your [and the Radon Tee’s] name.”

Hospital Ship Africa Mercy
The Radon Tee made its way to Africa with a Massachusetts nurse on the Africa Mercy, the world’s largest charity hospital ship. The Tee left the ship, traveling to Ghana and then to Benin,
where a local man held it up for other villagers to see.

Freedom Trail
Radon Tee team members Pat Everett and Elyse Goldstein traveled with it to Boston to walk the Freedom Trail. The Boston trek took the Tee from Boston Common to Bunker Hill and back, making stops at more than 50 historic and significant sites along the way. During its Boston travels, the Tee met Bostonians and tourists, some from as near as New Jersey, others from as far away as California, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Salem (The Witch City)
The Tee visited some of its favorite haunts, including the Witch Museum, the Witch Dungeon, and the House of Seven Gables.

Look for photos from the Radon Tee’s Massachusetts trek on Facebook.

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